To be the best option in thermal dissipation equipment, offering our customers products of superior quality and of greater value, by means of technological innovation.

To offer our customers process outsourcing solutions at a high level of service, with a variety of processes and at a fair price.


Using our equipment will improve the return on your investment thanks to savings on energy and natural resources.

We are part of the value chain of our customers, providing a solution to their process outsourcing requirements.


  • Service & Experience
  • Applied Engineering
  • Automation & Energy Saving
  • Applied engineering


Since 1962 we have been dedicated to the manufacture, marketing and installation of Cooling, both open and closed circuit. We always seek to be at And in continuous contact with our customers for a better understanding. Of their technical and commercial needs. The result of so many years of research And effort have been products that offer great advantages to the consumer.




Design & Innovation

We are involved in continuous research and develop unique solutions for cooling towers. Our efforts are always aimed at efficiency, performance and savings. This determination is what has gotten us so far.


Service & Experience

50 years of experience say it all. We have successfully worked in all industries, and we are capable of solving any situation. Our mission is to produce the best towers and keep them working with efficiency.


Applied Engineering

With the support of the engineering department, we develop turnkey projects, integrating our thermal dissipation equipment to the different equipment or processes owned by the client.


Automation & Energy Saving

Automation is the future and, at IM, we have developed forefront controllers in order for your towers to work in the most efficient way possible all the time, thereby producing energy savings that benefit us all.