Mechanical maintenance

  • Full inspection of the equipment, verifying factory settings
  • Verify air-tightness and check that there are no leaks, drag, or pipes affecting equipment efficiency.
  • Inspection of water distribution system and proper functioning of its jets
  • Verify that the hydraulic inlet, outlet, drain, overflow and water replenishment connections are correct
  • Inspect the quality of recirculation water according to the recommended parameters, and present alternative solutions for your system
  • Inspection of torque and bolts in mechanical equipment, alignment and factory settings for the motor system
  • Inspection of ventilation systems according to specified torques, alignment, angles and design settings
  • Check vibration in motor systems comparing against your ISO10816 standard
  • Cleaning of cold and hot water basins, as well as their transfer areas
  • Inspection of oil levels in gearboxes, verification of operating conditions and protection recommendation
  • Installation of Silver Bullet® equipment defined by the volume to be treated in the tower

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